We do not remove trees ourselves, however we have a list of tree removal service companies that also believe urban trees deserve a better ending than rotting in a landfill. These tree service companies have agreements in place to work with us to salvage trees that they remove.

If you are not using one of these tree service companies, your tree may end up in a landfill or as wood chips or firewood. Talk to your tree service company about donating the tree to 208 Urban Timber.

Chavco Tree & Landscape Services, Inc.
Member Company of the TCIA
joshua@chavcotreeboise.com | www.chavcotreeboise.com

I was going to write a little description about Chavco / Josh but figured it would be more credible if it came directly from his customers. Check out the reviews on Google, 40 reviews currently and every single one is a 5 star. Click Here

Tuckers Timber
(208) 371-4020

Competitive LLC
Tree Trimming and Removal
Nathan Love

Information for Tree Service Companies

We will take almost any log. so if you have some logs you need to get rid of and dont want to pay to landfill them, call Mark (208) 371-4020 and setup a drop-off. We do not charge to drop wood in the yard. Depending on its condition it will either be used as firewood or milled.

If you are dropping off firewood, please keep the cuts straight (and @ a 90 degree angle to the trunk) also please keep the pieces as long as possible and if you have to cut them, please cut the rounds into 16' sections. If the cuts are random, the mill may not accept them as it causes problems during the processing

We wrote up the following guidelines for milled wood

- Large Diameter (larger than 12 inches)
- Species - We are looking for good quality hardwoods. Black Walnut, Ash, Maple or Oak etc but often have need of everything from poplar and cottonwood.
- Don't exclude logs just because they maybe deformed or have pest damage / defects.
- Cut the main trunk as close to the ground as possible while still avoiding dirt
- Keep each log as long as possible
- If the trunk goes up to a crotch, cut above the crotch (include the crotch WITH the main trunk)
- Record where the log was removed from.

The yard is located at:
7905 Highway 44
Star, Idaho, 83699
Phone - (208) 371-4020