Live Edge Slabs

We are always creating new items, if there is a specific type of wood or cut you would like, please let us know and we can put you on our priority list. It is free to sign up for the prioritiy list but once a log is in stock and a cut is chosen, we may take a down payment.

3 different Maple Slabs

We just milled up 3 different Maple logs, all from the same tree. This Maple lived its life on 6th St. in Boise. If you want to see more, check out the video we posted that shows one of these amazing maple slabs.

Click HERE to see the video on Facebook

Amazing Grain. This Maple has staining on the inside and quilting grain (it kinda looks like waves)

Quiting close up, waves

+6ft Maple slabs with one side live edge and a gentle curve (I plan to make a desk from one)

Maple slab stack

+7 and +8ft slabs, each have at least one live edge (bark still on)

live edge maple slab stack

New Elm Slabs

We just created some Elm Slabs. These things are monsters, 2 14" thick, 23" wide and +10' long. This tree split and then grew back together so every slab has a bark inclusion that shows up as a crack/ hole in the piece. But this "defect" creates a lot of interesting grain patterns, but you will probably have to stabilize this, for example a bow-tie. Elm is typically not that interesting, but I love these. There is a lot of interesting grain from inclusions and compression grain and some tan wood to contrast with the typical chocolate color of Elm. If you like the pieces but need them thinner, we maybe able to re-saw them as necessary

Stack of Elm slabs

Stack of Elm slabs

Close up of one of the inclusions

elm Slab figure close up

Another close up of some interesting grain

elm slab grain

New Maple Slabs

We just got in a new Maple that was taken out on Hale St in Boise. There are 5 slabs, each is 3" thick, about 24" wide and 6 ft long.

Stack of Maple slabs

Stack of Maple slabs

Close up of the figure on one side. So much going on here

Maple Slab figure close up

Another close up from the same side, notice all the sun burst lines near the edges

Maple slab sunbusrt

Black Locust

We just got in a Black Locust that was taken out near Kooternai St. in Boise. This wood is very hard (1700 on the Janka scale vs 1290 for Red Oak) I have some big slabs (various thickness) as well as several 1.5 inch planks

Two book matched 1.5" planks. They are about 6' long and 10 inches on the wide side

Black Locust bookmatched planks

Black Locust stack, notice the various types of cuts. 4" thick slabs to 1.5" planks

Black Locust wood stacked

Close up of the grain. It does not show up wll in pictures, but there appears to be some bluing, like bettle kill pine

Black Locust grain close up

Maple and some Basswood

We just milled up some Silver Maple (from Grant Avenue in Boise) and a Basswood (little leaf linder) All of the boards are rough cut around 114 thick, 10-11 inches wide and 6 ft.long, they are stacked to dry. I am putting these on both the slab and dimensional lumber page since many of the boards still have one live edge. If you are interested, let us know.

Stack of Silver Maple and Basswood (that is Ginkgo Biloba in the back)

Maple wood stacked

Many of the slabs are book matched sets

book matches pieces

Some have spalting (green, brown and black) as well as a lot of grain patterns

spalting plus interesting grain

Ginkgo Biloba

This is a new type of tree/ wood and I have never seen it before. Click here to find out more about Ginkgo Biloba. I have 4 slabs total and all are 3-4 inches thick. Two have sides with some interesting darker heart wood/ figure (pictured below). While the other sides show very little color.

Compression Grain on a 8 ft slab

Ginkgo Boliba compression grain

Two 8 ft slabs. One is 18" on the large end and the other is 10"

Ginkgo Biloba live edge slabs

Close up of the grain

Ginkgo Biloba close up the grain