Dimensional Lumber

We are always creating new items, if there is a specific type of wood or cut you would like, please let us know and we can put you on our priority list. It is free to sign up for the prioritiy list but once a log is in stock and a cut is chosen, we may take a down payment.

Black Locust

I have several types of lumber from a local Black Locust tree. This wood is very hard (1700 on the Janka scale vs 1290 for Red Oak) I have some big slabs (various thickness) as well as several 1.5 inch planks

Two book matched 1.5" planks. They are about 6' long and 10 inches on the wide side

Black Locust bookmatched planks

Black Locust stack, notice the various types of cuts. 4" thick slabs to 1.5" planks

Black Locust wood stacked

Close up of the grain. It does not show up wll in pictures, but there appears to be some bluing, like bettle kill pine

Black Locust grain close up

Maple and some Basswood

We just milled up some Silver Maple and Basswood (little leaf linder) All of the boards are rough cut around 114 thick, 10-11 inches wide and 6 ft.long, they are stacked to dry. I am putting these on both the slab and dimensional lumber page since many of the boards still have one live edge. If you are interested, let us know.

Stack of Silver Maple and Basswood (that is Ginkgo Biloba in the back)

Maple wood stacked

Many of the slabs are book matched sets

book matches pieces

Some have spalting (green, brown and black) as well as a lot of grain patterns

spalting plus interesting grain

Here are some small (around than 12" x 2") Ash and Russian Olive quatersawn boards as well as some large Poplar boards that were milled up for a trailer bed.